Every person who works for the NHS has a legal duty to ensure that patient information is kept confidential. We at Latymer Road Surgery take this very seriously and ensure that the information we hold on our patients is not released to anyone without the written consent of a patient. There are some exceptions to this and they are listed below.

  1. In the event that a medical referral is made on your behalf to a specialist consultant or hospital, your significant medical history will be attatched as well as information pertaining to the presenting problem. The doctor and the hospital staff are also legally bound to keep your information confidential.
  2. If the doctors believe that your health, wellbeing and safety is at risk, they may be obliged to inform other agencies such as the social services. However, they will not do so without informing that this is what they intend to do.
  3. On occasion, we may be required to submit information on certain illnesses to protect the health of the public. This is a lawful requirement. An example of this would be if a patient has contracted an infectious disease which could lead to the general public being at risk of contraction. We will also, with your consent or at your request, send out copies of your records to third parties such as solicitors or insurance companies.
  4. Parents of children who are above the age of 16 are reminded that they should not request for any medical information pertaining to their children without the written consent of the child. Patients are also reminded that in keeping with the patient confidentiality, we are unable to provide family members with details of a patient's medical history and/or test results.

Should you require any advice or help with regard to confidentiality please feel free to talk to any member of staff who will give you a copy of our confidentiality policy and point you in the right direction as to from whom you can obtain the required information.

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Anti-Discrimination Policy

At Latymer Road Surgery we exercise an anti-discriminatory policy whereby each of our patients are treated equally irresprective of ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, age or disablility. We welcome any new patient who wishes to register with us and we will endeavour to keep our patients as healthy as possible.

In turn, we expect our patients to treat us and our premises with respect and dignity and follow the few rules that we have put down such as talking on mobile phones inside of the surgery.

Zero Tolerance Policy

In accordance with the National Health Service, Latymer Road Surgery operates a zero tolerance policy towards violence or the threat of violence. Should a patient or a member of their family be violent, abusive or threatining to any member of the practice or anyone else who is on the practice premises, we reserve the right to remove the patient from our list with immediate effect. If required we will call on the Metropolitan Police to ensure the safety of our staff and our patients. This will also include abusive and foul language used over the telephone. The surgery will, in conjunction with the Primary Care Trust, make alternative arrangements for those patients who are excluded from our list to be provided with medical care.