Patient Forum Group

Latymer Road Patient Forum Group is an independent Group that consists of patients of the practice. They meet regularly to discuss various aspects of service levels of the surgery. It is an independently formed group whose aims and motives are to enhance the patient experience and to give constructive advice to the practice as and when appropriate. They represent the views of all of our patients and as such we encourage our patients to get in touch with any of them and put forward ideas, suggestions, comments etc.

The Patient Forum Group will also endeavour to hold educational meetings which will be open to all of our patients as well as our community to better educate the general public and help them with managing a condition and/or an illness. Notices of these meetings will be put up within the surgery and in local pharmacies and libraries a few weeks prior to the event.

Last year our Patient Forum Group organised a weekly healthy walks program for our patients and was lead by them in order to encourage people to live healthier lifestyles. The response from our patients wasn't as good as we had hoped for, however the forum group intent to give it another go towards the end of Spring 2016.

The Forum Group consists of the undernoted individuals. For more information on the forum group or if you would like to join them, please email them at the following address:

  • Gill Sadler
  • Lauri Clarke
  • Stella Russell
  • Jacky Carter
  • Val Valleley
  • Irene Money
  • Edward Williams
  • Brian Vallely
  • Collette Cox
  • Bill Tuck
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The results of our last independent patient survey can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Click HERE for the results of our survey.