Appointments & Home Visits

Booking an Appointment Online

Patients who have registered for online services will be able to book an appointment online for up to 24 hours in advance. Please note that on-the-day appointments are for emergencies only, and are not available to be booked online.

Use this link to book an appointment online.

Alternatively, you can do so from the mobile app by clicking the appropriate icon below.

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We have a unique appointments system which we believe enables everyone to have the opportunity to be seen by a doctor or a nurse within 48 hours.

All surgery consultations are by appointment and should be made either by telephoning the surgery or by calling over at reception. Please book well in advance for a routine appointment. If you cannot attend please ensure that you call and cancel your appointment so that we can make that appointment available for another patient.

We offer patients appointments which can be booked on the day with each of the doctors both in the morning and in the afternoon. Patients are advised to call at 8:00am if they require any of these appointments. Additionally, patients can book a number of appointments 24 or 48 hours in advance.Those patients who need a follow-up visit or require more time to book an appointment have the option of requesting for an appointment either a week ahead or request for a 'book at a any time' appointment. These are available up to 3 months in advance.

Urgent Appointments/Telephone Consultations

If you require to see a doctor urgently and are unable to get an appointment on the day, we advise you to request for a telephone consultation with one of the doctors or the nurse. They will call you during or after surgery and discuss your medical condition. If the doctor feels that you need to be seen urgently based on their telephone consultation, they may invite you to come in and be seen as an extra.

Patients should note that the doctor will be unable to deal with more than one presenting complaint. Should they wish to discuss several problems they will need to make additional appointments. Likewise, do not expect the doctor to be able to see an additional person within the same appointment; separate appointments need to be made for each person.


For initmate examinations and/or procedures, the doctors may use a chaperone. If you would like to be accompanied by a chaperone, please tell the doctor and a fully-trained member of staff will be present for the procedure.

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Home Visits

Home visits are usually undertaken for those patients who are house-bound. If you need a home visit, you can call reception and request for oneof the doctors to attend. This should be done before 10:00AM on any given day.You are also required to give a brief description of the problem in order that the doctor may ascertain the order of urgency and avoid any undue delays. The doctor may call you prior to visiting to obtain further information.

Booking Interpreters

If you need an interpreter, you must tell the receptionist when you book an appointment. Tell the staff which language you speak and they will book an interpreter for you or get an interpreter on the phone. It is important that you and the doctor understand each other in order that he/she can make an accurate diagnosis of your problem.

Out of Hours Emergenices

Outside of our surgery hours, emergency GP cover can be accessed by telephoning 111. Out of hours services are generally busy, therefore we ask that you only call them if you cannot wait until the surgery reopens.

You can also access the urgent care centres at the following locations:

North Middlesex urgent care centre Sterling Way, Edmonton N18 1QX. Open daily 8am - 8pm.
Edmonton NHS Walk-in Centre Evergreen Primary Care Centre, 1 Smythe Close, Edmonton N9 0TW. Open Weekends and Bank Holidays only 8am - 8pm.
Telephone Number 020 8887 8355.
Chase Farm Hospital urgent care centre The Ridgeway, Enfield EN2 8JL. Open Daily 9am - 9pm.
Telephone Number 020 8375 1010.

In a genuine emergency, you should call 999. Chest pains and/or shortness of breath would consitute as an emergency.

Patient Responsibilities

We would like to remind patients that it is their duty and responsibility to inform us if they are unable to keep an appointment as this will enable us to see another patient who may need this appointment. It also costs the surgery financially a great deal of money when people do not attend their appointments.

We will endeavour to keep waiting times to a minimum but there may be occasions where we have to deal with an emergency which will then impact on the length of time it takes to see your doctor. You as a patient could prevent further delays from occurring by arriving five minutes in advance of your appointment and by not expecting the doctor or nurse to deal with several medical issues.

Patients are reminded that the surgery is closed in the afternoons for two and a half hours for us to attend to all our administrative work. Do not try to gain access during these hours as it will only prevent us from fulfilling our duties in an efficient and timely manner.